We’ll give this one to Todd Jarrett

I just got the email from the IDPA match guys at Atlanta Conservation Club with the results from the match from this weekend.  I won the ESP division outright, and finished 3rd overall.  My two mikes on the 2nd to last stage ended up not mattering as there was a more than 5 second difference between me and 2nd place.

My target points down weren’t as spot on as they were last month, but the good news is that the new magazines in the Para worked like butter.  The gun ran and ran well; I had exactly one failure to feed on one stage, which I blame on me not holding the gun 20% tighter and getting my shock absorbers into it.  But a win is a win, and I’m pretty glad to have a had a positive match in my last IDPA match before the state championships.

I might actually be able to pull this one off.