The Debate tonight

Despite my stated position of being unenthusiastic about tonight’s VP debate, I will in fact be tuning in for as long as I can stand to so do.

I have a hope – Sarah Palin does her best when she’s just being herself.  I think part of the reason her interview with Katie Couric was such a disaster is because she’s trying to hard to recite her lines, and she needs to chill out a bit.  My secret hope is that the moderator is blatantly in the tank for Obama, and that Sarah Palin calls her out on national TV about it.  Because to be perfectly honestly, that would be the most awesome thing in the history of politics right there.

As it is, I’ll be watching, beer in hand, because I don’t know if I could take it without a little liquid enthusiasm.


  1. Let me/us know how it goes. Honestly, it would take a lot more than a beer (and probably actual cold, hard cash) for me to sit through that…

  2. On the other hand, she’s up against the foot-in-mouth king.

    My prediction is that Sarah Palin will do great and Biden will make a jackass of himself.

    The moderator clearly rooting for Obama will just be icing on the win cake.

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