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I have heard friends and other gun nuts who are not 1911 cultists say things like “the Glock is what John Moses Browning would have designed if he had lived long enough.”  While this is usually said as fodder to drive 1911 aficionados to madness (and it’s fun), I’ve never really believed it.  I have though at times wondered what JMB would have designed if he had access to modern polymers and engineering.

My question is answered.  I had known about the FN Herstal line of FNP pistols, however until yesterday I had no idea that they made a single action only model.  Meet the FNP9 SAO, a single action only version of the excellent FNP series of handguns.

Sadly, the SAO model of the FNP9 was discontinued earlier this year.  However, the latest models of the DA/SA FNP pistols apparently are utilizing a manual safety instead of a decock only lever, which means that you get the exact same result in your pistol if you like cocked-and-locked carry.

In single action, this is the gun JMB would have designed; modern materials married to his tested operating system.  I kind of want one, in 9mm it would make a nice replacement for my PT92 – plus I could use it in Stock Service Pistol in IDPA and Production Division in USPSA.

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  1. Hey Caleb, long time follower, first time commenter… =)

    Just wanted to say that TopGlock sent me an email a few days ago (I signed up for their adverts when I ordered something from them) for their FNP’s, pricing wasn’t on the email but it was listed as being a clearance and below cost.

    I’m not associated with them in any way (only ever bought the one cleaning item from them), but seeing your post made me want to at least let you know about it.

    Thanks for all the posts, and take care!
    Chad Crayton

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