This is how it’s going to be

In Muncie, just north of where I live, the Delaware County Republican headquarters was vandalized by an Obama supporter.

MUNCIE — A vandal who apparently plans to vote for Barack Obama attacked the Delaware County Republican Party Headquarters sometime this week with a gold spray can.
The vandal, or vandals, left behind graffiti reading “McCain? Seriously?” underscored by a depiction of a hand gesturing with its middle finger on the western wall of the headquarters.

I’ve been speculating about this for a while – due to our geographical proximity to Chicago, I’ve been wondering how long until the Chicago political machine started trying to affect the election here in Indiana.  I guess that answers my question, since it seems like Obama’s Brownshirts have graduated from the internet harassment to actual crime.

That’s why I’m getting out there and volunteering for John McCain – this election is far too important to allow the political and criminal bullying that you see from Chicago politics mess with the outcome of the election in my neck of the woods.


  1. I think it’s time to start baiting traps and setting up blinds…

    Find someone willing to donate an old minivan. Cover it with McCain stickers. Then park it near an Obama stronghold.

    Wait nearby with paintball markers…

    And fill the rest in with your own imagination. Now, I’m not suggesting that you freeze the paintballs…

  2. Keep up the good fight! These self deluded schmucks will be in for a big dose of humble pie come November 5th. Everyday you can see their words and actions becoming more and more desperate.

    Sarah Palin has them running scared like a moose in the Alaskan tundra. I have blogged specifically on the second amendment myself on my page, I invite you and your readers to drop by.

  3. I am betting they move on from vandalism to arson and assault when the majority of the country decides they don’t want BO………

  4. One of the few things that continually surprises me about these sorts of stories is that the Democrats never have to answer for it. It gets swept under the rug as “well, that’s just politics”. Nobody else does this stuff, at least to the degree that the hard left of the Democrat party does, as often as they do. Not even the Nazi party, the American Socialists, the Libertarians, and not the Republicans. Nobody but the Dems ever seem to have documented cases of this kind of stuff, year after year, and yet there’s no price to be paid for it. I expect they’ll get away with it, I just don’t understand why it’s accepted of them.

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