Gun Nuts Radio: Hasta La Vista, Bonnie

Man, I cannot resist throwing in a Terminator reference at 0900.

Last night’s show was a little bittersweet for a lot of us, since it was Bonnie’s last show for a while.  We talked a lot of different topics, things she’d learned from the show, her favorite show, a little Sarah Palin, and then eventually we were rescued by Stanger73, one of our regular listeners, who called in to ask about Glocks and 1911s.

You can listen to the archive of the show here, or by clicking on the player below, or by downloading the .mp3 file.

Bonnie will be missed – she added something different to the show, something not quite as gun-nutty as me, which created a good balance for the topics.

As a promo for next week’s show, I want to remind everyone that we’re going to be moving to a 9pm Eastern time slot – no more 11pm shows for me, thank god. Starting this upcoming Tuesday the 16th, we’ll be moving to 9pm. For our first 9pm show, we’ll be featuring an interview with Dan Smith, the VP of Operations for International Cartridge Corporation. Dan will be talking to us about developments in frangible ammunition technology for training, law enforcement and self defense. This is a real “Gun Nuts” kind of show – if you don’t tune in you’ll miss out.

Remember, the new time slot is 9pm Eastern, but we’re at the same address: See you next week!


  1. Do you have the GunNuts show available as a iTunes subscribable podcast?

    If so, what’s the subscribe link?

    – The Saj

  2. You should have Bonnie do a pre-recorded rant (ala Mike McCarville) and call it the “Squeak of the Week”.

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