Compare and Contrast

I have watched almost all of the Democratic National Convention, and almost all of the Republican National Convention, in terms of the “important” speeches.  After all of this, I’ve come away with this important “compare and contrast” on the key message of both parties for this election.

Democrats: America is broken, and we are the party to change (and therefore “fix”) America.

Republicans: Washington is broken, and we are the party to change (and therefore “fix”) Washington.

Now, people might think it’s a small difference, but it’s actually a the major tipping point between both campaigns.  The Barack Show Obama and Joe “Political Insider” Biden want you to believe that our country and thus you are somehow flawed, and need to be repaired to meet the “promise of America”.

John “Maverick” McCain and Sarah “Cougar” Palin (Oh lawl, Maverick and Cougar) want you to believe that our government is broken, and that it needs to be fixed.  Which of these two statements, a broken country or a broken government is the one that doesn’t subtly insult every American citizen?

I said that other day that my bottom line for not voting for Obama was even if you put all the other issues aside, I believe that he would be a disaster, a fiasco for our right to keep and bear arms.  I’ve changed my mind.  My bottom line reason for not voting for Obama is that he believes, his fundamental campaign platform is that America, this country, is broken and needs to be fixed.

That’s ultimately why I’m voting for John McCain – he and I may disagree on some policy issues, but John McCain has never even given a wiff of an impression that he thinks the United States is somehow “broken”.  If anything in this country needs to be fixed, it’s our out of control government, and I think that maybe, just maybe, John McCain and Sarah Palin might be the ones to do that.


  1. The “America is broken” mindset is a perfect example of Obama’s elitism anyway: “America isn’t how I say it should be, so I’m going to change it.”

  2. He wants to “fix” us, all right…… I believe the euphemism used for what he he wants to do to us was “tempered” in “Farnam’s Freehold”……. give it a read.

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