A few more Para thoughts

One of the things that came up last night on the show was Joe wondering how Todd Jarrett is going to compensate for the disparity in the levels of training and shooting disciplines that each of the different shooters have. Just from reading everyone’s blog, the difference in levels of training and shooting styles is a pretty wide dispersion.  For example, Robb said on the show last night that he’d never shot while drawing from the holster, and on the flip side Joe has had a lot of civilian training and has competed extensively.

Another good compare and contrast would be between Sebastian and myself – he shoots a lot of Metallic Silhouette, where “rapid fire” is one shot every 15 seconds, I shoot a lot of steel and IDPA where rapid fire is “bangbangbangbangbang”.  I think seeing the different level of shooting practices and skill sets, and how that ends up getting managed at the training level is going to be really interesting.

I also had an idea for settling the bet – in the event that we can’t shoot an El Presidente, I know that there’s going to be a shoot house at the course, so we can just compare scores on the shoot house if we don’t have time to run an El Pres at the end of the match.   I haven’t done a shoot house since 2003 when I was doing pistol quals, so it should be pretty interesting.

I’m leaving tomorrow – excited!


  1. I’ve done a lot of IDPA type competition, but have been out of it a couple of years, taken a couple of advance type courses & LFI-1.

    He will likely start with the basics & those that need it will likely get more hands on than those that appear to know how to do it already.

    I was at one like that recently, where they were working on the grip & stance etc, the guy got to me, & just said “you got it” & went on, so the first part may seem pretty easy, but as the weekend progresses it will be more challenging.

  2. please let me know what you think about the para pistols… i am very strongly considering one for my next pistol purchase

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