That 1911 thing

I swear to Buddha, we just did this 1911 thing like two weeks ago, but because The Breda shot one and liked it, all the cultists are all “OMG 1911 is TEH 1337SOCKS” or something a little less hyperbolic. Now, most folks who know me should know that I believe that your choice of a defensive pistol is a personal choice, and as such you should make the choice which best suites your defensive needs, which is ultimately why I get torqued off when people refer to 1911s like they’re the be all and end all of the defensive handgun platform.

If you have a 1911 and love it, more power to you, but just because it’s a great pistol for you doesn’t mean that someone else might be better served by a Glock, or a Beretta, or a wheelgun or whatever. You should shoot what you like, and be happy with that – but don’t discourage someone from buying a different gun because it’s not The Holy 1911, for pete’s sake.

Honestly, you guys should all strive to be like Tam. She loves the 1911 hard, but in all the times I’ve talked to her about which gun to buy for this or that, she has never once said “don’t get X, get a 1911 because it’s the 1337haxxors of pistols”. I think my fundamental issue is that I don’t understand gun fanboyism, or gun cults or whatever. I certainly prefer quality handguns to cheap ones, but beyond that, it’s a tool. Just like with my hammer or weedwhacker, I like the one that works the best for me to get whatever job I want it to do done.

Of course, your mileage may vary. Just because I have a closet full of Berettas doesn’t mean it’s the best gun, it just means that it’s a gun that works for me, that I’m very comfortable shooting. I’ll never tell someone to not buy a 1911 just because I’m unimpressed by them when compared to any other pistol.


  1. Heh.

    Yesterday at lunch I took my boss and a couple of co-workers shooting.

    At the after shooting meal, I was asked if I’d use my Rock Island 1911 as a carry weapon.

    They were surprised when I answered in the negative.

    My Walther P99, Sig P220, CZ P-01, S&W 442, Beretta PX-4, and even my Stoeger Cougar would be more trusted than a 1911 that was under $400 brand new… Now if I’d had 500 trouble free rounds through it, that would be a different story. Since it’s only got 100 rounds through it…

    Although I never had any problems with my Colt M1991A1 Commander, and I did carry it. Then I traded it for my P220…

  2. Here’s the thing. Everyone keeps saying a/one pistol.


    You know what’s better than that pistol? TWO pistols. You know what’s better than two pistols? THREE! And so on.

    And it’s l337-sauce. Not Socks.

  3. Argh! I clicked the comment link because I’m so clever and was all set to be first with “WWTD?”. I am third.

  4. Out here, it’s the Sig P220.

    These fanboys like to tell you to not buy X but a Sig P220 like it’s going out of style or something.

    I’m a fan of Beretta’s, but I avoid giving advice on handguns.

  5. I’m somewhat of a heretic myself.

    I currently own only 3 SIGs. The only progeny of JMB (in pistol form) I own is my 1979 vintage BHP. However, I’ve owned a couple of 1911’s with a provenance from a somewhat famous/notorious past owner, and I owned 16 BHP’s at one time- prior to my divorce- of which the one now is the sole remnant.

    I have no objection to the 1911; in fact the Wife owns a splendid Springfield Micro Compact which she carries daily. I like them too, I just prefer my P229 in 357sig. It eats through steel better than my P220 in .45ACP does, however.


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