Friday Night Steel

It’s tonight!  Looking forward to the match tonight, the first one I shot last month was a lot of fun.  As usual, I’ll be running the Glock 24 in the Open category.  Come out and shoot, I promise you won’t be disappointed.  Hopefully tonight I’ll be able to get some pretty good video of the shoot for the blog, then I can entice more of my Indianapolis area readers out to a match.


  1. Ah man, that looks like great fun. I’m actually going to be in the area this weekend, but won’t get into the area until late in the evening. Would be fun to get my dad out there to shoot. I’ll have to try to come out on a Thursday night sometime so I can drag him along on a Friday.

  2. I have to punk out due to prior plans, but I’ll definitely put September’s match on my calendar.

  3. The video’s turned out really good. Your shooting was, as usual awesome. Still feeling sort of puny with this cold thing and hitting the rack early, I’ll get them sent over to you in the AM.

    Thanks for joining us. Hoepfully Mrs. Ahab will make the next one when the company is gone, twice the fun.

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