Chicago is lame

I have friends who are from The Region who are constantly telling me how awesome Chicago is, and how it’s the best city in blah blah blah and oh it’s so great.  I get tired of hearing this, because frankly, Chicago is kind of lame.  Sure, they have the Field Museum which is easily one of the top five most bitchin’ museums on God’s green Earth, but other than that, I’m not really impressed.

But you know what really kills me?  Chicago, land of the total gun ban, has a murder rate that is 3 times higher than the rest of the country, and 6 times higher than the rest of the state.

When you couple that with the fact that it just can’t compare with a city like Seattle or Boston, Chicago really doesn’t have a whole lot to offer me.


  1. I dread every time I have to drive through Chicago on my way to or from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I don’t stop for gas, tank up in Gary,In, and drive untill I reach Wisconsin,which is not much better concerning guns. But atleast it is not freaking Chicago.

  2. Went there for a professional conference in 2006. It was nice and all, but I wouldn’t take a job there until their gun laws change. Or anywhere else in frickin’ Illinois for that matter, or any state that doesn’t take my Texas CHL.

  3. I was there for a Trade Show at McCormick Hall in February once – forget it, never again. I doubt it’s much better in the summer – why in hell would people elect to live in a big, stinky, violent, hive? Do they have a seizure disorder and think it’s normal?

  4. …tank up in Gary,In…

    Right… Tanking up in “Scary” Gary Indiana, which was, what, #18 on the list of most dangerous places last year?

    Funny, I don’t see Chitown on that list… Though we’re hoping that 2008 will finish us out strong!


    Anyway, I grew up in Chitown and finally moved ~40 miles outside of the city after losing my fascination with the city. Really, though it isn’t the ultra-violent cess-pool of villany that the media portrays it out to be. Most of the “problem areas” are poor black and Latino sections, though the trouble did stray to the Taste of Chicago this year…

    Area around the McCormick Center is warehouses and loft space – nothing interesting – but then again, where are you going to park 3rd largest expo center in the world? (Folks, the main ballroom is the size of a football field. Really. 100,000 sq feet!)

    I’m not saying that Daley doesn’t have his head up his ass and that most of the Chicago Democrats shouldn’t be tarred and feathered, tho…

    Next time anyone is up this way, drop me a comment and I’ll show you what Chitown is all about: the food, baby!

  5. Good point! I love the food and shopping Chicago has to offer, but now the sales tax kills the urge to shop there. Dallas is the new favorite.

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