Podcast: Chicks and Guns

The podcast went extremely well – you can listen to it on our Gun Nuts page right here, or simply click the flash player to listen as well.  Don’t worry if the audio cuts out there around the 4 minute mark; my hosting software decided it didn’t love Ahab very much.


Again, the live link to the show page itself is here, click over to check it out.  Having Breda and Tracy on the show was fantastic, both of the ladies were able to offer excellent insight and thought on the issues that surround women and the shooting sports.

I also want to say thank you to our callers, Jay and Joe for calling in and sharing their questions with us.  We’re looking next week to have a discussion with someone from VCDL on what’s going on in the world of state level activism.


  1. Thought the show was good last night. I especially liked that you guys were pushing some of the shooting sports. This for me was critical to learning how to correctly, safely, and confidently carry a pistol. For a long time, I didn’t carry with “one in the pipe”. It wasn’t until I shot a bunch of IDPA stages, and took a class on a hot range that I became comfortable carrying the way God intended.

    Nicely done. You guys ought to look at getting hooked up with some of the other folks on gunrightsradio.com

  2. Mrs. LEU and I go shooting often. She was Sarah Palin before there was a Sarah Palin. (Better lookin’ too.) We don’t hunt anymore (just got tired of killing things), but we love to shoot. I won’t cheat either, because she’s a good shot. 😉

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