Things that give me the damn creeps

I was at The Breda’s blog and found her post with a picture of two people holding 1911’s with their fingers in what is generally considered to be a “naughty place” – inside the triggerguard.  I sort of vaguely recognized them as some kind of pseudo-celebrity from watching the guy on The Soup mock them, but couldn’t quite place them.

So what did I do?  I followed the rabbit hole to the video of them shooting at some range in Beverly Hills.  It was at the end of the rabbit hole that I found the godawful video of these two low-watt bulbs actually shooting firearms, and at that moment I died a little inside.

You see, my search for KNOWLEDGE had led me to discover just who these idiots are: the “stars” of the fake-reality show The Hills, who have apparently decided that in an effort to keep their faces in the limelight, are staging “appearances” all over LA.  Their names are Spencer and Heidi (of course), and although their actions are marginally disturbing on their own, it’s even more off-putting that they decided to stage their most recent appearance at a gun shop and in so doing violate uh…all four rules of firearms safety is really messed up.  My favorite moment in the whole thing is when the male idiot points the AR right at the cameraman, and right next to him the female idiot can’t figure out the slide release on the 1911, which when I think about it is probably a good thing.

Now, I am all about celebrities and all kinds of people getting educated and involved in the shooting sports and gun safety education – people like Tom Selleck and Charlton Heston have done a lot to help the cause and further advance the shooting sports.  The problem I have with these pseudo-celebs is that they’re not getting involved in the shooting sports, they just wanted to play with loud toys and get their picture taken, and not only that they were irresponsible and unsafe about it.  That really bakes my crust.


  1. Maybe they are being paid by the Joyce Foundation?

    They are all the antis stereo-types of gun owners personified.

    It’s the new post-Heller strategy.

  2. The worst for me was when she (I have no idea, nor care what their names are) gets freaked by the muzzle blast of his gun (or maybe his tossed brass) and steps BEHIND the FIRING LINE WITH A LOADED GUN.

    I couldn’t tell from the lighting but I’m guessing her finger was right were it was in every other damn shot, which is on the trigger.

    The AR shot is creepy, but there at least the chances of a round being in the chamber are smaller. That shot you KNOW the gun is hot, and she’s behind the firing line with her finger on the trigger!

    Oh also talk about lousy shooting too! They leave the impression of assholes who have never picked up a gun before, but somehow think they know everything they need to know about it, and don’t listen to instruction about safety, stance, trigger pull, or sight alignment.

  3. (or maybe his tossed brass)

    I was thinking wearing a low cut top and standing to the right of your boyfriend’s ejection port is a bad idea. I was trying to find the Day by Day comic that illustrated the danger.

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