Your coat is kind of a brownish color

To my readers that are browncoats and fans of Firefly/Serenity, I am working on an actual review of Serenity: Better Days, but I won’t have it up until after the holiday weekend.  First off, I’ll be drinking all weekend and I don’t do my best writing under the influence, but mostly it’s because I’m having trouble expressing my thoughts on the continuation of the Firefly ‘verse without going “squeeeee” and sounding like a little fanboy.

I mean, I am a total fanboy, but I just don’t want to sound like one.


  1. Definitely shiny, and I will be definitely looking forward to the review… Just had my own fanboy moment yesterday, so I sympathize.

  2. oh. . .look. . . SHINY. . .

    Couldn’t resist a Firefly quote down on the right sidebar of M and M. Looking forward to the review.

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