New Jersey Gun bill bans muzzleloaders

I only wish that I were making this up.

At that link above, Sebastian has a full list of the guns that would be banned by the anti-gun bill that just passed out of committee in the New Jersey Assembly: the Brown Bess musket and replicas are on that list.  But remember, Bryan Miller and New Jersey Ceasefire don’t want to target hunters and collectors, no, they want to go after eeeeeevvvviiiiillllll assault rifles like the Thompson Center Muzzleloaders.

If you’re in New Jersey, please contact your state Reps and tell them that you oppose this bill.  It’s easily one of the most sweeping and poorly thought out gun bans I’ve seen since the Louisiana Assault Weapons ban.


  1. That’d be the original militia weapon they claim is the only one the Second Amendment applies to….

  2. not just muzzleloaders, they ban flintlocks. and i think i saw something in that interminable list of things-to-ban about matchlocks, too. this bill passes, and they’ll’ve officially renounced any right they ever had to call themselves Americans.

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