I’m with Bane

Sarah Palin for McCain’s VP.

Here’s what Michael has to say:

Life member of the NRA…serously pro-gun…an honest to goodness conservative

I actually love this idea. I’m not really a big fan of playing one-upmanship with the Democrats, but running a smart, tough, conservative and qualified woman with Sen. MacAttack seems like a pretty good idea to me. She has all the appeal of Bobby Jindal, without having to steal a great governor from a state that really needs him right now.

Of course, we’d be stealing a great governor from Alaska, but I’m sure they’d be alright up there in the frozen wastelands. Check out Sarah Palin’s track record:

  • Life Member of the National Rifle Association
  • Currently suing the federal government for listing the polar bears as threatened
  • Has a low tolerance for corruption and bullcrap, apparently

Honestly, McCain’s running mate will go a long, long way toward helping conservatives feel better (or worse) about their choices coming up this fall. We’ve all been hoping for a while that he picks a good VP, someone who we hope can revitalize the party around strong conservative fiscal and foreign policy. Sarah Palin could actually be a pretty solid choice to fill that role; she’s got the conservative street cred, and I won’t lie that I wouldn’t enjoy telling off my Democrat friends because we were running a woman.


  1. Currently suing the federal government for listing the polar bears as threatened

    Could someone explain to me why this is a good thing?

  2. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t that exactly what the “threatened” classification is for? Species that are under significant threat without being endangered?

    Or is this just another instance of “ESA is being inconvenient for $BUSINESS, and therefore should go”? It wouldn’t be the first time.

  3. Better check your facts.. They aren’t even threatended.. Polar bears are increasing in numbers… This is just more PC interference in the internal affairs of a state.

  4. Which Kalium, is the whole point of why she’s suing them – because the .gov essentially caved to special interests back up by poor research.

    Yes, it does interfere with money, but it was a bad ruling to begin with.

  5. …and better, better yet, Sarah Palin is a babe! If we have to suffer with McCain the least he can do is provide some eye-candy.

  6. While this would be a dream VP candidate for any conservative, the chance of it happening is only negligibly higher than zero. McCain is our nightmare Republican, and he won’t be picking OUR dream candidate, he’ll be picking HIS dream candidate.

    In fact, it is so likely that he will pick someone close to his own ideals that he had to issue a release during the primaries promising not to select Joe Liberman (D, Conn), and Liberman had to make the press circuits confirming that he wouldn’t take the seat.

    To make your day complete, ponder how it is that the Republican candidate was able to get a Democrat senator to participate in a publicity exercise to his own benefit. “Vote McCain: The Least Objectionable Democrat Running in 2008!”

  7. Some things to consider…

    1. She probably would not change any of the blue states to red.
    2. If the polls are right, there are a lot of Hillary supporters that have said they would vote for McCain instead of Obama. And vice versa. Putting a real conservative with McCain may diminish that desire enough to make them at best stay home and at worst vote for Obama.
    3. Other than the lone nutcase that bought himself a Carcano just for the historical impact of using it in order to realize his fantasy of moving the VP up to POTUS, adding a real conservative to the ticket isn’t going to have a huge impact on how many conservatives will vote for McCain. They’re still going to vote against the Democrat regardless.
    4. What he REALLY needs is to find a semi-conservative that will draw at least one big blue state over to the red side without scaring away all the liberals that would either vote for McCain or not get excited enough to run in and vote for the Democrat.

    I’m not at all happy about #4, but I fear it is the reality of the situation. If Romney could pull in Michigan and Massachusetts, almost nothing else would matter. Unless his Mormonism caused us to lose some states. Same thing goes with anyone else- Would Rudy help him take New York? You move 10% of the electoral votes away from one side and onto the other and the fight is over unless the Dems could take Texas away with a VP that the good folks in TX just loved.

  8. I, on the one hand would be amused to one up the Democrats, but I have to point out, Pres. Bush has had two black Secretaries of State (Gen. Powell and Dr. Rice), one of whom is a Black Woman, and you never hear about how he’s made history for that, or anything along those lines. Even is McCain got a black woman (like say Condi) to be his Vice Pres pick, it wouldn’t matter, because Republicans are never given any credit for the color-blind things they do, it only matters when Democrats raise up a minority.

    Michael Steel, former Lt. Gov. of Maryland might be a good pick, of course my dream pick wouldn’t ever happen because the Washington Post’s successful destruction of him back in ’06. There’s a lot of good choices, and my vote for McCain completely hinges on who he picks.

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