“Don’t lie” ATF campaign

In an effort to increase education regarding straw purchases and what FFLs can do to fight them, BATFE and NSSF are beginning a heavy launch for the “Don’t Lie for the other guy” campaign, starting in Memphis, Tennessee.

I’ve seen stickers for this at a couple of dealers and stores locally, and I fully support this effort – primarily because BATFE is working with NSSF to educate dealers instead of going after them for ticky-tac paperwork violations.  The role of education and cooperation is one in which I support BATFE.

I would like to think that anything that will help licensed dealers avoid straw purchases and prevent them from being subjected to revocation proceedings by ATF as a result is a good thing.  I may not agree with every gun law on the books, however I do think that the laws against buying firearms for people who are legally prohibited from purchasing guns (straw purchases) are good laws – having industry and law enforcement work together to educate dealers can only be a good thing.


  1. Pretty clearly, you are a traitor to the constitution. The ATF are a roving band of criminal thugs, who are above the law and do nothing that is constitutional or good. Their agents and inspectors are known to eat kittens. They’ve razed entire villages in a manner reminiscent of Genghis Khan. Why do you support their unconstitutional mission? The world won’t truly be safe until every last ATF agent is forced to get a job helping to adopt stray kittens…. well… ok… maybe not that since they eat kittens, but some other job where they can’t lay waste to entire regions.

    I thought you were smarter than that Ahab. I really did.

  2. I’ve seen several billboards for this – if I can move quickly enough on my traipsing around town the next couple of days, I’ll get a photo and post it.

  3. I find the mental image of ATF agents roaming the American landscape, burning towns, eating kittens, and stealing guns like a latter day Mongol hoard is most amusing. And somewhat more desirable than the real thing usually.

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