Home defense

Short post on this one – you know how some people keep a key hidden under a planter or something on the front porch in case they get locked out?

I don’t want to offend anyone, but that is a stupid damn idea.

Honestly, if you’re worried about getting locked out, get an electronic keypad for your garage door and carry a spare 9 volt with you in case the battery in that dies.


  1. My aunt keep a key on the door frame. However it was the key to the milk shed, where the key to the house was hidden.

  2. Hate to break it to you, but not all of us have garage doors that lead to a room that’s connected to the house. Nor do all of us have garages.

    I agree that leaving a key under a pot, or, god forbid, one of those stupid fake rocks, is a class-act way to get your house broken into (especially in my neighborhood), but a better strategy is to meet your neighbors, make friends with one or two of them, and in the instance that you forget or lose your keys or need to get into the house, you can do one of two things:
    1 – leave a copy of the key with them (not advisable unless you know them REALLY well)
    2 – use their phone to call a locksmith, if you happen to forget your cell phone, too, or don’t have a cell phone

    Me? I just make DAMNED sure I have my keys on me at all times. I haven’t lost a house key since I was 10.

  3. On the occasions where I’ve left a key under the front doormat (for a relative to come by and pick up within a few hours) I’ve felt okay about it because it just makes it easier for any would-be burglar to actually meet my two dogs “in the flesh,” rather than just seeing the front door panes fill up with 150 lbs. of teeth as they launch like the facehuggers from Alien.

    But yeah, our “secret key” is buried in the back yard in a Ziplock in a part of the yard where none of the neighbors could possibly see us digging it up.

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