NRA Convention and BlogBash

I got back yesterday from the NRA Annual Meetings/2ABlogBash, and oh my what a time I had. There was such a great conflagration of events, bloggers, and of course guns that I honestly don’t know where to start.

I think I’ll start with the blogger’s that were there – I had the chance to meet the following bloggers, many of whom I’ve corresponded extensively with:

A Keyboard and a .45
Captain of a Crew of One
Chicago Handgun Rights
XRLQ – damnum absque injuria
Days of our Trailers
Gun Pundit
Michael Bane
Of Arms and the Law
Rustmeister’s Alehouse
Sharp as a Marble
Snowflakes in Hell
Squeaky Wheel Seeks Grease
The Bitch Girls
The Smallest Minority
The Ten Ring
The Unforgiving Minute
The View From North Central Idaho
US Citizen

It was seriously like a “who’s-who” of pro-gun bloggers. I apologize if I left anyone off that list, honestly I’m still recovering from all the drinking and not sleeping I did this weekend.


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