Indiana 5th Congressional District Primary

During all the coverage of the Democrat presidential primary, I’ve neglected to mention a Republican primary race that could have serious ramifications for Indiana gun owners; namely the 5th Congressional District Primary race.

The incumbent, Dan Burton is being challenged in the primary by Dr. John McGoff – Dan Burton has received an “A” rating from NRA, and has an excellent track record of voting for bills which would protect and expand the right to keep and bear arms.

According NRA-ILA, Dr. Goff has/is a member of Indiana Partnership to Prevent Firearm Violence, which is a local anti-gun group with ties to the Brady Campaign. This doesn’t exactly square well with Dr. Goff’s stated position of “protecting” the 2nd Amendment.

NRA has endorsed Dan Burton in the primary, and I agree with that endorsement. I sent a friendly email to the campaign of Dr. Goff asking for clarification on his position on the right to keep and bear arms with respect to his involvement in an anti-gun organization. I’ll keep you posted on any kind of response.

Right now, I encourage residents of the 5th Congressional district who are concerned about their right to keep and bear arms to vote for Rep. Burton on the May 6th primary. I’ll note that if your polling place is the church right off of Brooks School Road, I’ll be there early in the morning to be casting my vote.

Update: NRA-PVF has press release out with a quote from Chris Cox, executive director of NRA-ILA:

“Dan Burton has a perfect pro-gun voting record in Congress, and as a Life Member of NRA, he is a great friend to gun owners in Indiana…The choice is clear. Congressman Dan Burton’s votes and actions have earned the trust and support of NRA members in Indiana. We encourage our members and fellow hunters and shooters to vote Dan Burton for Congress on Tuesday, May 6th.”


  1. This race is really important. I was thinking about taking part in “Operation Chaos” and voting in the Dem Primary for Hillary. However, I’ve now decided to to make sure I vote for Dan Burton.

  2. That issues page is pretty vague, isn’t it?

    My GoogleFu didn’t find anything under the old “PRevent Firearm Violence” or the newer “injury or death” monikers.

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