Vegas as a Tourist

As I mentioned, Mrs. Ahab is in here with me in Las Vegas. We did a little sightseeing over the weekend in the Vegas area, and took a few pictures of the kitsch just to say we could. Having been in Vegas for going on three months, this is the first time that I’ve done the tourist thing, as when I was alone I had no real desire to fly solo.

We stayed for the weekend at the MGM Grand, which was pretty pimp. Not a lot of pictures, because we were busy hanging out at the pool/gambling/drinking. I should point out that Mrs. Ahab and I pretty much fail at Vegas, since we only lost like 40 bucks while gambling. Here are some pictures.

We took a photo of the lion outside the MGM grand. To give you a sense of scale, it’s roughly the same size as a pair of tractor-trailers. As always, click each picture for the fullsize version.

The fake New York skyline of the “New York, New York” casino.

The view from our room at night. I didn’t have a tripod handy, so it ended up looking like some ephemeral green ghosts were rising from the lights to claim my soul.

That was pretty much it for the Vegas photos; quite honestly Vegas just doesn’t blow my skirt up that much. It’s like my hometown of Lancaster, CA got too big for its britches and started allowing gambling.

What was cool was the Grand Canyon, which I’m working up a post on as we speak.

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