Just too cool for school.

Check out the over-the-wing engine mounts; very unusual, but according to the website is actually more efficient.

I can’t help my fascination for semi-odd aircraft, I grew under the flight line for Edwards Air Force base, in the heart of aviation country.  So I was innudated with aircraft with forward swept wings, super fast race planes, and of course all the aircraft built by the Rutans.


  1. Interesting. I wonder if the engine mounts can hold up to the shear forces during radical movements.

  2. yeah, they are going to start producing them later this year… was a huge deal with the local counties when they landed the deal to build the production facilities

  3. The engine placement probably eliminates A LOT of cabin noise. Very nice touch.

    Remember this:
    Mechanical Engineers make weapons. Civil Engineers make … targets!

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