1. Looks very close to the Taurus PT111 Pro in 9mm I picked up recently. Me likey very much. 😀

    …And much more portable than my PT-92, which was my very first 9mm. I have a paddle holster for it, but even with a long t-shirt to cover it, and light jacket pulled over that, I still feel a little self conscious using it as a carry piece.

    The PT111 seems significantly better, though I’m still the most comfortable with my Bersa Thunder .380, which is what I qualified with for my Texas CHL shooting test.

  2. A pocket or mouse gun is on my list of guns to buy this summer, along with a possible .357 mag with 4inch barrel. A buddy of mine has offered up his .32acp Keltec for a decent price and I just might have to jump on it.

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