Mass stabbing

In Tokyo.  I’m glad I’m not the only person who noticed this story.

One person was stabbed to death and at least seven others were hurt by a man who went on a knifing spree outside a shopping mall in eastern Japan on Sunday, police said.

The kicker is that the guy is wanted for murder on top of the new homicide he committed yesterday.  It’s kind of hard to not be sarcastic here, however in light of the fact that someone did lose their life, I will try to restrain myself.

Japan’s gun control laws are very strict, yet they’ve done nothing recently to stop a mass stabbing, nor were the gun control laws in Japan able to stop several gangland murders a few months back.  Japan is not the US, as their citizenry is much more willing to accept government regulation in the name of safety, and has been doing so for hundreds of years from various governments.  It’s unfortunate, because it means that the likely cultural response to this won’t be more liberty for the people, but increased governmental regulation.


  1. I commented on it too. Nice to see all the disarming of the populous in Japan is working for a safer society. . . .

  2. Well, I suppose the one saving grace to this is that Japan’s conviction rate is close to 99%. The guy will probably be convicted swiftly (no jury trials).

  3. Maybe they should bring back the Samurai…? Armed with Glocks as well as Katanas?

    I’m sure the Yakuza loves gun control just like our Mobsters do.

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