Battlestar Galactica

I love this show, it’s one of my favorite shows on TV, which is why I’m so excited for the fourth and final season of Galactica, which premiers on April 4th.

Galactica appeals to me on multiple levels, the political intrigue, the military drama, and how the Cylon religion ties in with the Colonial religion are all big draws for me.  If you haven’t been watching you could go out and pick up the first three seasons on DVD and watch them all before the final season gets underway here.  It would not be money wasted.

Beyond the character drama, I LOVE the political aspect of the show, as you get to see the Colonial Fleet struggle and the government struggle with trying to balance the efficiency of totalitarianism against a desire to be free; and the difficulty that can cause in a military situation.

I’m excited for April 4th, the new, and final season of Galactica should be fantastic.


  1. I never even bothered trying to watch Battlestar Galactica. SciFi Channel pissed me off when they canceled Farscape, so I just dropped them completely.

  2. I can’t wait for the show to continue either. However, I’m disappointed that they’re finishing it after 4 seasons, I believe the creators intended to run 5 seasons. Apparently it’s too expensive for SciFi’s limited budget. They have no problem churning out those crap movies they show every Saturday nite.

  3. The show started when I didn’t have TV so we got it on DVD. SciFi Channel, in all their wisdom, have decided to release Season 3 AFTER season 4 starts. I’m not happy w/ them.

  4. Point of trivia:

    Why does all the paper have the corners removed? When they were shooting the pilot/movie, SciFi was leaning on the producers to “cut corners” on cost. This was a silent protest.

    Ron Moore (exec producer) has a killer podcast.

    Marko likes to compare McCain to Col. Tigh, which is funny. I of course geeked out further and found a BSG character for each candidate. It’s in the archive.

  5. If you have Netflix, you don’t even have to spend extra money to watch the first 3 seasons.

  6. Must be the standard SciFi five season contract — you only get four actually.

  7. Actually, I’m glad it’s wrapping at four; sure five seasons would have been great but I hate it when a show drags on and on past when it was truly awesome.

    Ref Stargate SG1.

  8. Bah. I was hoping they would postpone starting the fourth season until such time as I could actually watch it… As it is now, I will be two months behind the curve, and that hardly works well. Either way, SciFi could be worse – they could be Fox… many a science fiction television fan will never forgive that particular company.

    I agree, however, that shows should definitely be terminated before they start dragging incessantly… SG1 was just getting stupid towards the end.

  9. Can’t wait until it starts and yet sadden that it will be the final season. Perhaps they’ll change their minds and continue the series.

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