McCain clinches nomination

Get on the McCain train kids, because it’s our only ride away from HillBama Town.

Look, I’ve got my reservations about John McCain, I really do, but at the same time I’ve got a lot more reservations about Hillary and Obama than I do about him.  That’s why, no matter who shows up as the candidate under “D” come November, I’ll be punching John McCain’s name into my computer voting trap.


  1. My single largest worry about the McCain Train is that it seems to run on bullshit. I mean, the guy is embracing people who thing mercury causes autism, and rejecting solid science along the way.

  2. Can’t forget the rainbows that spring from the Obama smokestack…

    McCain seems to send more info out the horse’s mouth than the other end of the horse – if you insists on a BS-free candidate, you can wait for the Ron Paul Re-love-ution; and still be wondering where the smell of fertilizer is coming from if that train ever gets TO the station.

  3. The mercury reasoning is fairly simplistic: large doses of mercury can be harmful, so a small amount is equally harmful. Unfortunately, they are comparing two different compounds/solutions of mercury, which have different effects.

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