A trend?

Of anti-gun writers bemoaning that no one is talking about gun control during this election season.

Since then, we’ve had the sound of silence. When Tim Russert brought up gun control during a Democratic debate in Nevada, the candidates seemed to stiffen, as if he’d made a tasteless joke.

However, just because we have some success in making the gun issue one that even Democrats are afraid to touch doesn’t mean we should back down.  I agree quite wholeheartedly with other bloggers who are concerned that we’ve developed tunnel vision as a movement, and have focused so exclusively on protecting our 2nd Amendment rights that we’ve neglected the other 9 amendments in the Bill of Rights.

I want to keep seeing the New York Times and Daily Kos run editorials where people are crying that they can’t get the gun control issue brought up at the national level, because it means we’re winning this particular battle.  But I also want to see it in local papers, so that the next time some legislator in your state thinks it’s a neat idea to ban “assault weapons” or microstamp bullets that they are going to think twice about it.


  1. Gun control: The issue that dare not speak its name. You want to hear about gun control, first elect the Dems. Once they have a voting majority, you’ll hear plenty about it.

  2. Actually, I disagree with you.

    I don’t think it’s good that gun control is not an issue.

    Right now, it’s impossible for politicians to get elected by voting for MORE gun control.

    But so far it’s very difficult for them to run on voting for LESS of it, too.

    When politicians start running on platforms of less gun control and winning, then we have won.

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