England, oh England

What has happened to you?

A shopkeeper could be charged with murder after defending himself against an armed robber who was killed by his own knife, police said yesterday.

Just so you’re 100% clear, a shopkeeper was defending himself against a career criminal and during the course of the fight fatally wounded his attacker.  Which apparently equals murder, in England.


  1. Justifiable homicide in the US of A. Case closed.

    Of course, if the perp had an accomplice, the accomplice would be criminally liable for his buddy’s death, not the shopkeeper.

    The UK is a hopeless basket case.

  2. Hmm… said goblin attacked a guy named Tony Singh. Doesn’t that last name imply he was a Sikh or of Sikh descent? So the goblin attacks a guy who “is required to aspire to sainthood by his devotion to God and service to mankind, but also, according to the situation, to adopt the role of the soldier.”

    I’d say that said goblin got what he deserved, and that Mr Singh deserves a REWARD, not charges.

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