Nebraska Assault Weapons Ban

State Sen. Brad Ashford has re-written his assault weapons ban in Nebraska, which has cleared committee and is now in the full legislature.

Ashford wants to create a blue ribbon, Assault Weapons Commission, that will report back to the Legislature by next February 1st.

The commission would list which specific assault weapons should be banned.

I can just imagine those committee meetings now: “Guys, this gun looks scary, let’s ban it.”  And during all this, there’s one lone guy on the committee who’s not dumb, and keeps pointing out things like “It’s a .22!” or “it’s a hunting rifle!” to no avail.


  1. I’m writing my Senator right now, luckily Sen. Ashford’s district stops one block south of mine.

  2. Does he really think thousands of gun owners are going to let a few political appointees in Lincoln tell them what they can and can’t have in their closets, safes, and gunracks?

    Let’s make sure those thousands hear of it before it’s a done deal. Get crackin’, freedom fiends!

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