Boberg XR-9 live fire video

From the guys at Boberg Engineering comes a live fire video of the XR-9 in action.

Video link here, hosted on for your convenience. Edit: Video may not play correctly in all browsers, I recommend you save the video.

If you don’t remember from my SHOT ’08 coverage, the XR-9 is a truly unique new handgun design, which by using an unconventional feeding mechanism inspired by machine gun design allows you get to get a much longer barrel into a package smaller than a Glock 26. The longer barrel allows for better terminal performance and more velocity from the 9mm round, which performs best at higher velocities.

Here’s a still shot of the XR-9, with the slide opened up, an empty in the air and another round being fed directly into the chamber.

The guys at Boberg are also talking about producing a “Shorty” version as well, you can see an artist’s impression here. We’ll keep you posted with continued updates as the XR-9 continues it’s development and eventual production.


  1. Oddly, all I hear is the sound and get no video.

    And I wonder if Mr. Boberg would be interested in trading one of those pistols for some web work. ‘Cuz that site needs a little help 😉

  2. I tried. I switched to IE (*shudder*) but Media Player just plays the audio (very loudly, I might add).

    Do the casings eject upwards? Since I can’t see the video I can’t tell, but I can’t really make out where the ejection port is from that picture.

  3. Yeah, you’ll probably just have to save the video. It runs from my browser using Quicktime and a plugin.

    The ejection port is on the side, the cases come out up and to the right.

  4. Do you know what codec it uses? Because I couldn’t get it to play on VLC, Quicktime, or Windows Media Player.

  5. No, I really have no idea.

    I got it to play correctly in Windows Media Slayer and Quicktime; but other than that I can’t really help you.

  6. I found out it needs an Indeo “IV50” codec. It’s apparently can’t be found on anything except Windows.

  7. this one goes straight on my “i want to own one some day” checklist. mr. Boberg, if you’re reading this, don’t you dare go out of business before i scratch up the money to get through to the XR-9’s place in the lineup.

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