England’s gun laws still not working

As reported by the British Crime Survey, overall crime in England has fallen off slightly, but “gun crime” has increased by 4% this year.

There really isn’t any more commentary that I can offer on this that I haven’t already brought up several times; we all know England’s gun ban isn’t working and that it’s not going to work.  If you couple the relative defenselessness of the English people with the massive welfare state they’ve created, it’s no wonder that gun crime continues to increase.

Additionally, another source mentions that drug crime has increased 21% in the UK, likely because the UK is escalating their own “war on drugs” to before unheard of levels.  The 21% “increase” is actually an increase in reported drug arrests by police.

So, you have welfare state+stronger drug laws+defenseless population.  We’ve seen the results of that equation here in the States before, and more than likely will see it repeated in England sooner rather than later.