Details on Georgia Carry Bill

From the ATL Journal Constitution on the freshly gutted HB 89, which will be voted on by the full Senate on Thursday.  The provisions that are in the bill break down as follows.

— An owner can ban all firearms from his property at all times.

— A business owner who leases the property can ban all firearms from the property, if the landlord agrees.

— A business/property owner can ban all firearms from the company parking lot if there is no public access to the company lot.

— A business/property owner can’t prohibit an employee from keeping a firearm in a company parking lot if it is open to the general public — and if those members of the public aren’t specifically prohibited from bringing firearms with them.

That last part only applies to the state’s 300,000 some holders of CCW permits, not to all residents as originally hoped for by the NRA.  Additionally, not mentioned above is a provision that allows CCW holders to carry in State Parks.

Like I said yesterday, the “Extreme Makeover” done to this bill essentially reduces it to the status of “moral victory” for the NRA.  They definitely didn’t get everything they wanted out of the bill, but they got a little bit of something, which is nice I guess.

What’s going on with the other bill, HB 915 supported by Georgia Carry is anyone’s guess.  I’ve heard from some people that it’s alive and well, I’ve heard from others that it’s dead in the water.  The nice thing about the total re-write that occurred with HB 89 is that HB 915 would now no longer effectively cancel HB 89; that allows me to throw my hope behind HB 915 passing, although I doubt that’s going to be the case.

As mentioned above, the Georgia Senate will be voting on the revised version of HB 89 today; please contact your legislators (if you’re in Georgia) and express your support for the bill.


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