Dear Ruger,

So, there is this little cartridge out there, the 5.7x28mm, which FN Herstal makes for the P90 (and civilian legal PS90), as well as the Five-seveN handgun.  Now, I don’t know how many people have argued the effectiveness of the 5.7mm cartridge back and forth on the internet, but I’m pretty sure that there is a joke about monkeys and typewriters in there somewhere.

The thing is that whether or not it’s an effective anti-personnel round, the 5.7mm round does out perform the .22 Magnum to 150 yards in terms of terminal ballistics, and it fits into a package much smaller than a .223.

I know you’re busy cranking out SR-9s and all that other cool stuff, but maybe just maybe you could take a second to make an upscaled 10/22 chambered for 5.7mm, or downscale a Mini-14 for the round.  I know I’d buy it, and I’m betting a lot of other people would buy it as well.  Gun people like new stuff – I mean sure, there are plenty of hide-bound traditionalists who want nothing other than a .45 and a .30’06, and that’s fine; there are also lots of people who want the latest and greatest plastic guns with whizbang accessories.



P.S.  Could you also maybe build an SP101 chambered for .22 Magnum while you’re at it?  That would sell like hotcakes.


  1. Could you also maybe build an SP101 chambered for .22 Magnum while you’re at it?

    I’m hoping Smith & Wesson makes a j-frame chambered in .32 Federal Magnum, m’self…

  2. Dear Ruger:

    Please build a carbine similar to the now-discontinued PC9 and PC40, except that is would be in .45 ACP and would accept standard 1911 magazines.

    I’ll buy two of them.

    Thank you.

  3. Oh man, I know so would I. Or they could have it take magazines from the Ruger SR-45, which you all know we’ll get if the SR-9 is even moderately successful on the market.

  4. Yeah, a carbine that shares mags with the P345 (or 1911 mags, I’m not picky) would find its way into my possession pretty damn fast.

  5. 10/22 is a straight blowback design. the question is whether or not the 5.7x28mm is powerful enough as to require a locking bolt. If that’s the case, you need a gas system too, so the 10/22 design is out.

  6. IIRC, the PC-9 Carbine was a straight blowback as well, but just made use a really heavy bolt to compensate for this.

    I’d have to look at the internal pressures generated by the 5.7mm to see if you could do it with a blowback or if you’d need to downscale a Mini-14. Besides, Mini-5 is a cooler name that 10/5.7.

  7. I bet High-Standard would custom chamber one of their target autos in FN 5.7. E-mail them and see. There used to be another company out of So. Cal. that did pretty much the same thing. Custom round on an existing frame. I forget their name, something like Gonzo Armory. Same town as the original AMT makers.

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