Buckle up, Virginia

Virginia could see “a record number of new gun laws” in 2008.

“We could see a record number of gun bills,” said Philip Van Cleave, president of the Virginia Citizens Defense League, a gun-rights group.

One of the big pushes that the article talks about is Sen. Mamie Locke, D-Hampton and her desire to end preemption in  Virginia.  As it stands right now, cities, counties and municipalities cannot pass gun laws that contradict the state laws.  Obviously, state Reps and Senators from areas that are in favor of more gun control would love to see Virginia’s preemption clause done away with.


  1. While at the same time, said anti’s are pushing for pre-emption in Illinois to spread anti-gun laws in Illinois.

    Ah, the hypocrisy.

  2. And let me use this opportunity to urge fellow Virginia Gun Rights supporters to come out and play on Lobby Day:

    We simply cannot afford not to have a STRONG presence at the General
    Assembly, so please plan on attending on Monday, January 21st, Martin
    Luther King Day. Bring friends, family and coworkers.

    We will be meeting at 10 AM inside the General Assembly Building at
    the southeast corner of 9th and Broad. To allow flexibility on
    exactly where we are going to gather, we will have people just past
    the metal detectors with “Guns Save Lives” stickers to guide you to
    the meeting location. We will also have Guns Save Lives stickers for
    you to wear once inside.

    I’ll see you in Richmond.

  3. Ack, thanks for bringing this to my attention, I probably should go find my State Senate and Rep phone numbers, well, I ain’t concerned about my Rep, Bob Marshall, but my Senator is Chuck Colgan. So it might be worth calling him, he is the president pro tempore and Chair of the Finance Committee…

    Of course, living in Prince William County (AKA the Last Stronghold of Common Sense in NoVA), I doubt you’d actually see a crackdown on guns even if this legislation passed. Fairfax, Arlington and Alexandria, however, they’d be screwed.

    *makes a note to call the senator’s constituent hotline*

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