Ah, appeals to emotion

That’s all this “I don’t get hunting” editorial is, an appeal to emotion.

Without sounding like a wimp, I simply wish we would care about those creatures we are displacing and not make sport of their plight.

Oh the poor deer!  Whatever will we do about them!  The “plight” of the cloven-hoofed rat, aka white-tailed deer isn’t one of those things that I’m overly concerned about.  I don’t even hunt deer and I think that for all her protestations, this woman ends up sounding like a wimp.

Seriously, the part where says that she doesn’t understand how people can be happy after killing poor Bambi makes her sound like a wimp.   I guess it goes part and parcel with this whole crusade to “respect animals” or something.  Forgetting for the moment that hunters do help control deer populations, and that deer are responsible for more animal related fatalities than any other animal in North America; I still can’t feel sorry for deer.  They’re almost a pest animal in some areas.


  1. Here’s my take: If she’s a vegan, she’s not qualified to comment upon “what people get out of hunting”. She wouldn’t get anything out of it because she wouldn’t eat and enjoy the meat, so OF COURSE she doesn’t get it.

    If she isn’t a vegan, she’s a hypocrite who has no problem with the killing, she just doesn’t want to have to think about it. To her, meat comes from the supermarket wrapped in cellophane.

    Either way, she has no credibility on the issue.

  2. Their usually response is to complain that wolves and other predators have been wiped out by man, therefore hunters are double jackasses (or some such nonsense).

    This is followed by “Only [insert group] should be allowed to hunt.”

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