This is the most awesome tool ever.

Apparently, it’s the greatest hammer ever invented. You can actually use the links on that site to watch them wreck stuff with the hammer. Click on the bunny.

I’m thinking that this might also have some use as a close range anti-zombie tool.  While I normally recommend a crowbar, the multiple uses of this as a hammer, pry-bar, and all around tool of destruction should replace the crowbar.


  1. Damn straight. So far I’m going to be buying at least 3 of these for the holidays… good destructuo tools are hard to find 🙂

  2. If I had a lot of demolition to perform, this is the tool I would want. It’s got heft, leverage and a really, really cool name.

  3. As a former programmer, and current game developer, I think I need one of these just to hang in my cubicle and occasionally menace my computers with.

  4. Ahhh, very interesting. Been looking a survival tools lately and going to check this one out. It might fit mulitple rolls I have.

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