Inflation sucks

Two years ago, this Pietta ’58 Remington clone on Cabelas was $169.  Now it’s gone up $30 bucks, which while not significant, is rather annoying.  Especially since I want to do another conversion revolver, and the R&D Conversion Cylinders are about $200 a pop as well.

Well, if anyone who buys me Christmas presents is reading this…you get the idea.  Gift certificates to Cabelas and MidwayUSA are always appreciated.  Just sayin’, is all.

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  1. Look around the web. I got a 2002 Pietta 1858 Remington (technically a New Model of 1863 for you picky people) off of the Muzzleloader’s forum for $125 with a hard case.

    BTW, I used a 29/64″ reamer (.453125″) on all my black powder cylinders. It removes the taper, and lets me use .457 balls for everything, instead of needing .451 for the Colt M1860, and .454 for the Pietta, etc.

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