Once again, I find myself pointing back to the piece that CBS evening news ran on “assault rifles” in Broward County, Florida.  But this time, it’s not to point out anything that the media has done, but rather to cast your attention on something that an eagle-eyed reader pointed out to me.

The now ex-sheriff of Broward County has been sentenced to a year in federal prison on various corruption charges.

I am not big on conspiracy theories, but you have to admit that it is an interesting twist of fate that the “top cop” in the county that facilitated the CBS lie filled piece on assault weapons is a dirty cop.  If he was willing to cheat and embezzle from the county, what other skeletons are in his closet?


  1. The “news” media’s incessant pandering to the lefties is driving me to drink, at least that’s my excuse today. Saw one today where even Fox news was quoting some crap from the IACP.

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