1. I seem to see 16 gauge around a little more each year. So it might be on its way back in and then you’ll be all angry because you won’t be as non-conformist anymore.

    Don’t even get me started on the time I went to church camp with blue hair and by the end of the week, about 1/3 of the other kids had dyed their hair funky colors with Kool-Aid or colored it with markers. Mine was semi-permanent damnit!

    I’m not bitter or anything…

    So guns, how many shots are you really going to end up taking in a day with a 12 gauge? Depending on your skill level and bag limit.

  2. Well, the bag limit is 2 per day, so ideally, I’d be firing two shots and then going home.

    However, I’m not nearly as good a shot with a shotgun as I am with a rifle or pistol, mostly for lack of practice. I figure it will probably take about 10 shots for one hit. Because I suck.

  3. 12 guage will will put a LOT more pellets in the air than a 16 or a 20.

    My wife has a Beretta Urika in 12. Price wasn’t bad used. Quality is friggin awesome, and my recoil-sensitve wife who has shitty form has no problem popping off her 50 shots in a round of sporting clays.

    Also if you’re really concerned about the recoil get a shoulder pad. Ain’t no shame if you have geese in your bag

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