Michael Graham gets it

And from the Boston Herald, no less.  I love my Bean Town, but I don’t really expect any of their media outlets to write things that, well, make sense in this day and age.  What’s even better is that he does it with a sense of humor.

This desire to condemn inanimate objects is a bit, well, weird. Naughty beer, illegal guns, bottles of alcohol with bad attitudes – perhaps it’s time to open the “Massachusetts Home For Guns Gone Wrong.” Maybe a local priest could start “Beer Town,” modeled after “Boys Town,” where the motto is “There are no bad beers. Just warm ones.”


I may be naive, Mr. Conley, but I honestly believe guns aren’t bad. You just have to know how to handle them.

The whole piece is worth a read, actually.  I enjoyed it.  He does an excellent job of using an example of Massachusetts destroying “illegal beer” to point out the ludicrousness of the campaign against “illegal guns”.