Despite how overused this song has become for these moments, I’ll let Freddie Mercury do the talking for me.

On some more Sox related commentary, there really wasn’t a better way for to the series to end than with Pap striking out the last hitter he faced.  Mike Lowell is a perfect choice for series MVP; especially with his performance in Game 4.

Unrelated Sox commentary – I swear to Buddha that if the Sox sign A-Rod, I will burn my favorite hat.


  1. I feel the same way if the Mariners sign Bonds. You should hope that Arod signs with the Dodgers. Considering their recent luck with free agents, it’ll mean that he plays five games in April before his hamstrings explode, ending his career but forcing the Dodgers to pay his outlandish contract for the next three years.

    Just like Jason Schmidt and Darren Dreifort.

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