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Apparently, the stereotypes about gun owners don’t apply in Australia either.  Despite the hysterical title of “Nice guy or Gun Nut”, the Aussie article does a pretty decent job of treating gun owners like regular folk.

The gender balance, on the other hand, has shifted and although there are still more males than females, Abbott reckons about 25 per cent of members are women these days.

The same thing appears to be happening here in the States: more and more women are taking part in the shooting sports.

Go and read the entire article, it’s a good treatment of Aussie shooters, and gives a bit of insight into their gun culture as well.

“I started shooting a .22 because it was the smallest gun I could shoot without shooting air-pistols,” she said.

“I’ve moved up to .38 super as we’ve just bought a new gun and it’s not to heavy and it not too light.”

I have it on good authority that once you start shooting the .38 Super, most other pistol calibers are dead to you.