Balanced coverage

So, when if a civilian attacks people with a semi-automatic handgun or rifle, the media calls it an assault rifle, but if a sheriff’s deputy attacks and kills six people with his issue AR-15, it’s a “police-style rifle“. And just in case CNN edits the article, here’s a screencap.

Full size photo here.

Like I said, if this had been you or I with a semi-auto rifle, there would be PSH from hell to breakfast about “assault weapons” and “machine guns” in the hands of civilians. Double standard?

Update: Uncle has the picture from CNN’s front page, when they still had it up.  See it all here.


  1. “Yep…they called the knife wielder a “gunman”.”

    I’ve seen that before, a couple of years ago, on TV. The talking head at the site said that the gunman attacked a person with a knife, which didn’t make any sense, because there was no mention anywhere of the attacker having a firearm. What do you expect from journalists?

  2. Correct me if I’m wrong, but this kid was 20 years old, right?

    In every police agency with which I am familiar, commissioned officers or deputies had to be at least 21 years old.

    Makes you wonder if they did any sort of screening at all with this kid.

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