Kitchen clean up

My office has a small kitchen, that is shared by the the 30 or so employees in my company.  The job of cleaning this kitchen is rotated through our various employees on a weekly basis.  I have no problem with cleaning the kitchen, as it is an assigned duty.

However, I made the mistake of actually thinking about what I was doing.  You see, by the time I had lifted my third straight half-full coffee/hot chocolate/soup mug out of the sink, rinsed it, and put said mug in the dishwasher, I was starting to get pissed.

My problem comes from the fact that everyone who works is ostensibly an  adult, like me.  Which to my mind means that everyone who works here should be smart enough to know that if you all share the same space, it’s simply polite to rinse your dishes and put them in the dishwasher.  For example, say you had lunch, but you didn’t finish everything on your plate.  Instead of tossing the plate with half-finished food into the sink and leaving it, you should probably rinse it off first.  Of course, this gets compounded by the next lazy jerk that comes in and just plops his plate right on top of your plate; which covers the bottom of his plate in your food as well.  Genius.

Like I said, I don’t mind the action of cleaning up.  What concerns me is that it’s necessary to enforce things that should be part of basic sanitary and courtesy habits.


  1. We tried something along those lines, actually.

    I think the consensus that we came to is that while most of us are willing to rinse our dishes and not be pigs, there is are always one or two wankers who louse everything up for the rest of us.

  2. > there is are always one or two wankers who louse everything up for the rest of us.

    Then they should get more than their “fair share” of KP.

  3. Can you get out of KP duty if you don’t ever use the kitchen?

    Let those who use the kitchen clean it.

  4. Gross. I always just wash my dishes myself, so no one else has to worry about them. I have the opposite problem at home; one of the roomies does my dishes before I get a chance to, so I feel like a bum she has to take care of.

  5. Or, anyone who comes in and finds dirty dishes in the sink throws them away. I suggest covering them with paper trash.
    You can’t cure that type of thing, but you can make it very inconvenient.

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