E-Postal match: Safari

I wanted to clear up some confusion on the E-Postal Match for this month.


Shoot two of the targets that have one rhino.  Each piece of paper (1 rhino per paper) gets 5 rounds from your .22 rifle, for a total of ten rounds from the rifle.

Shoot two of the targets with five rhinos.  Each piece of paper (5 rhinos per paper) gets ten shots – shoot each rhino twice.  Your total shots with the handgun should be 20 shots.


You need a .22 rimfire rifle for stage one, and pistol in any caliber for stage two.  You can also shoot the same gun with different entries.  For example, I can use my Ruger 10/22 as my rifle, and then pair it my Ruger GP100, my Walther P22, or my ’58 Remington.  That would be three different entries.  The caveat is that if you want to use the same rifle multiple times, you have to shoot new targets for every entry.  So you can’t just shoot one set of targets and call that your “rifle entry”; for every entry you have to shoot a complete set of targets.

I think that covers all the questions I received.

Now go shoot!