Loose ends

I wanted to tie up some loose ends I had left hanging out from the Home Security series. I’m aware that the subject of proper home security could fill several books, and there is no way possible that I could have covered everything in a three part series.

I did get some good emails and comments, and I want to address some of them here.

  • What, no crossbows?

No, no crossbows. I actually thought about including bow and arrow weapons on the list of lethal projectile weapons; however I then looked up how much your average decent crossbow costs. If you really want a single shot weapon, just buy an H&R single shot shotgun for 90 bucks at Wal-Mart.

  • What if I don’t have (or want) an alarm system?

Uh…get one? In all seriousness though, while it does cost money (ours is $35 a month for the service from Brinks) having an alarm system does have all the advantages mentioned in the series, as well as another that I didn’t mention. Having an alarm system will generally lower your homeowner’s insurance. I’m not in the business of shilling for Brinks, but to me the alarm is just like the fire extinguisher, or the .357 Magnum.

  • I live in a suburb, and floodlights aren’t allowed by the homeowner’s association.

You can still get motion sensitive lights, just have them be regular intensity lights. They’re less likely to disturb the neighbors, and still create the desired effect, admittedly to a lesser extent, of illuminating any potential intruders. Or teenagers trying to sneak in past curfew.

  • I own a condo/townhome, etc – my concern over excessive penetration extends to the neighbors as well.

The wiseass in me would say “don’t miss”, but there are options available. For handguns, you could go with the Glaser Safety Slug. I do not have personal experience with Glasers, but some people swear by them – of course, other people hate them. The choice in that regard is yours.

That’s about it for the loose ends – I’ll be happy to address an emails I get regarding the home security series right here on the blag.

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