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Buy some Stinger missiles in Mexico. From Arms and the Law, I find a bit in the Christian Science Monitor about how the US is responsible for the gun crime in Mexico. There was actually a similar piece in an Arizona newspaper a while back, which I touched on here. However, the CSM’s article is quite entertaining, albeit only because it’s a complete and utter fabrication.

Lax gun laws and lax enforcement in the United States have made it easy for Mexican gunrunners to buy and transport everything from AK-47s to Stinger antiaircraft missiles,

Stinger. Missiles. That’s right. They said that people are buying Stinger missile launchers in the US and smuggling them into Mexico. In case you’re wondering, this is a Stinger missile system. If someone has a line on some lightly used launchers and ammo, let me know. I’m willing to pay a fair market price. Honestly, you can’t be serious. Anti-aircraft missiles?

Of course, then the CSM article goes and cites the rather thoroughly debunked Wintermute Study as “evidence” that our gun laws are feeding the Mexican trade. The thought that people are buying semi-automatic AR15s and smuggling them into Mexico is just insane.

Guns are effectively banned in Mexico. I think that citizens are allowed to own a .22 rifle or a shotgun or something; but centerfire rifles are out of bounds. The fact that Mexico is overrun with Kalashnikov rifles to point where the cuerno de chivo has become a status symbol amongst criminals down there.

Just as the US expects Mexico to curtail illegal migration, the US needs to do far more to help Mexico in its current campaign against powerful drug cartels and to block these private armies from getting US guns. More than 1,300 people this year have been killed in Mexican drug-gang-related shootings.

You know what? We should make a deal with Mexico. If they actually take measures to stop illegal immigration, than we’ll “stem the tide” of “illegal guns” flowing over an “iron river” into Mexico. And by “stem the tide” I mean that we’ll sit back and laugh while Mexican drug runners continue to buy full auto AKs from the Columbians.

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