Today in History

100 BC – Julius Caesar born. You might have heard of him.

1759 AD – During the Seven Year’s War, British artillery begins the shelling of Quebec City. Any day where the British shelled French Canadians is a good day.

1812 AD – During the War of 1812, the US invades Canada. Although beaten back, the invasion of Canada did lead to the Battle of Lake Erie.

1943 AD – World War II, the Battle of Prokhorovka, considered to be the largest tank engagement in the history of modern warfare, which ended in a tactical loss for the Soviets. However, they were able to prevent the Germans from accomplishing their goals in entirety.

In the light of the fact that I share a birthday with Gaius Julius Caesar, I’m thinking that I may have to start a campaign to declare myself Caesar Reincarnate. I guess the first thing I should do is go slaughter several Germanic tribes…does anyone know where to find Gauls these days?

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