10/22 PDW platforms

Yesterday I talked about the 10/22 PDW project, in which I’m going to convert your run of the mill Ruger 10/22 into a compact platform designed to toss small rocks Aguila 60 grain Sniper Sub Sonic rounds downrange.

I’ve found a couple places that stock barrels with the appropriate 1:9 twist for stabilizing the heavy rounds, but the real kicker is the stock. It’s got to be short, but I don’t really want to deal with the hassle (or $200 bucks) of making an SBR. I mean, if the OAL of the firearm comes out to less than 26 inches, I’ll register it – but that’s not the goal.

After digging around, I’ve found some pretty cool options for the stock.

Evolution Stock – The basic concept from their website is that it gives you the ability to put a bunch of cool toys on your 10/22, and you can make it a lot more like an AR15 if that’s your bag of hash.

Dixie Consolidated bullpup – I don’t even know if these guys are still in business, but this is probably the best bullpup conversion for the 10/22.

Muzzlelite bullpup – I’m more hesitant on one of these than I would be on the Dixie version; these have gotten mixed reviews all over the place. Namely, the trigger pull is reputed to be “god-awful”.

And last but not least, the Krinker Plinker – “Turn your 10/22 into a really scary looking AK thingy!” The one problem with this is that it seems to be a full kit conversion, and since I want that 1:9 barrel for the Aguila rounds, this might be a problem.

Obviously, if anyone has any thoughts/comments/experience with any of the above kits/equipment, let me know in the comments.