Poor Man’s PDW

Not really “poor” I should say, but rather “working man” or perhaps “man who doesn’t have 1500 smackers to drop on an FN” or something like that. After my first post on the PDW concept, I started looking for ways to have a similar platform…with slightly better ballistics than I’d get from a .17 HMR 4.6mm. While I remain intrigued by the performance potential of the .17 HMR round, if I were going to get a tiny little gun that I could whip around easier than a rifle, I’d go with one of these re-chambered in .17 HMR.

The Kel-Tec PLR-16, it’s a .223 pistol that accepts standard AR15 magazines, and as you can see by scrolling down, can have all sorts of goodies affixed to it. I’d add that handguard you see in the bottom picture, and then put on a forward vertical grip as well. The forward grip makes the recoil more controllable; as for the muzzle flash issue, a pistol like that practically begs to have a flash reducer put on the muzzle.

Top it all off with a nice red dot sight, and you’re ready to give anyone in the Brady Bunch a conniption fit with your own PDW, all for less than a thousand dollars.