Gun show dissapointment

Yesterday I went to the opening day of the Indy 1500 Gun & Knife show, an event which I usually enjoy. I had a specific purpose in my attendance; I was looking for either a Henry AR-7 in black, or a H&R Tamer in .410.

I left disappointed, and actually slightly irritated. There was one AR-7 in the whole building, and it was one of the original Armalite manufactured, which while cool was $200. Since I can get them brand spanking new from Gander Mtn. for $185, I declined the extra fifteen bucks. There was not a single H&R Tamer in the whole building, and believe me, I looked.

Honestly, for someone who doesn’t like Glocks, 1911s, or AR-15s; a gunshow can be almost disheartening. It’s nice to run across a table of old wheelguns or nice C&R guns here and there, but then those guys are asking $45-$60 more than what I would pay for the same gun on the web.

Still, the place was pretty full for a Friday night, and a lot of people were buying. I almost talked my friend into buying a Walther P22 (SO CLOSE), and I almost bought a CZ-82 myself.

Also, if one of my four readers happens to be the guy who was talking about shooting groups the size of a baseball at 800 yards – I should have said this yesterday. Bullshit.

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